Lumag Stump grinder / stump grinder BSF-15 including extra chisels

Lumag stump grinder / stump grinder BSF-15 With the Lumag stump grinder or stump grinder BSF-15 you can mill tree stumps and roots. This machine is supplied with a 2nd extra cutter bit set. Normally you pay € 124.50 excl. VAT for a complete set of chisels ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:Lumag
  • Article number: BSF-15

Lumag stump grinder / stump grinder BSF-15

You can mill tree stumps and roots with the Lumag stump grinder or BSF-15 stump grinder. The roots can be milled to a depth of 235 mm below ground level and the tree stump itself up to 600 mm above ground level. Because you can mill away to a height of 600 mm, it is not necessary for your chainsaw to come into contact with the soil / sand when sawing.

A stump cutter is also called stump cutter, tree stump cutter or root cutter. After you have milled away the stump you can replant or pave without any problems. Stump milling is the safest and most cost-effective way of removing roots and stumps! The advantage is that you don't have to drive an excavator or tractor in a garden (with all the damage that entails) to remove a stump.

The minimum width you need for moving the stump grinder is 80 cm. The machine is equipped with a milling cutter with 9 high-quality carbide milling teeth. These ensure that the stump is reduced to pulp or small wood chips. The roots / stump that remains will easily digest due to mixing with moisture and sand. You can simply use the cutter in the sand. You do not have to dig the tree stump free first. The machine is equipped as standard with a set of chisels (3 x 3 = 9 chisels).

Normally you pay € 124.50 excl. VAT for a complete set of chisels and now when you purchase this set (BSF-15 and additional 2nd milling chisel set) converted € 60, -

Engine type Air-cooled 1-cyl. 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine
Engine capacity 389 cm³
Max power 13.1 hp
Engine manufacturer Loncin (3 year warranty!)
Fuel type Euro unleaded gasoline
Tank capacity 3.5 liters
Starting system Pull starter
Speed of milling head 2400 rev. per min.
Width of milling head 90 mm
Section of milling head Ø 300 mm
Maximum milling depth 235 mm
Maximum milling height 600 mm
Number of milling bits 18 (6 sets of 3 chisels)
Machine width 76 cm
Weight 110 kg
Art. no. BSF-15


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