Matom Vacuum lifter MTVL-2H

Matom Vacuum lifter MTVL-2H This vacuum lifter or vacuum hoisting unit is the ideal tile tiller. Tiles with a maximum weight of 100 kg can be easily transported and installed. This is possible both manually and with a lifting vehicle. ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:Matom
  • EAN:8718026894091
  • Article number: MTVL-2H

Matom VacuumIFifter MTVL-2H

Thanks to the vacuum tile tiller (also called vacuum lifter) you can easily lift and / or move tiles. It is a very handy device with a 12 Volt vacuum pump that is of course rechargeable.

The vacuum lifter is very easy to operate. This will make working with heavy and large tiles a lot more efficient! The chance of breaking is minimal because the tile tiller lifts horizontally.

The tiles can be laid completely against each other without this requiring extreme effort. The maximum lifting capacity is 100 kg and the machine is equipped with a 12 volt battery, rechargeable battery and a suction cup.

In addition to the supplied lifting arms, which means that you can use this machine with two people, the machine is also equipped with a lifting eye so that it can also be hung on a lifting vehicle. (see also our product video)


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