Matom clinker cutter KN 1500UL

KN 1500UL
This ultra lightly executed Matom clinker cutter KN 1500UL. Very suitable for gardeners, pavers, gardeners, road builders etc. 7 year warranty! ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:Matom
  • EAN:8718026802332
  • Article number:KN 1500UL

Ultra light clinker cutter. With a weight of 12 Kg, this cutter is extremely light and therefore extremely easy to use. The cutter is made for lighter cutting work and not for frequent cutting of heavier materials. The cutter is therefore especially suitable for gardeners.

The cutting height is a minimum of 20 mm and a maximum of 100 mm. The maximum cutting width is 150 mm. The cutter has a fixed hardened galvanized knife with 4 cutting edges. The cutter has one spindle for easy height adjustment and fixed catch plates.

You receive a 7-year warranty on this cutter (with the exception of the spindle).

Cut height / thickness 100 mm
Cut width 150 mm
Minimum cutting height / thickness 20 mm
Spindle 1 central spindle
Steel knife Yes, hardened and galvanized
Number of cutter blades 4
Producer Orit (7 year warranty)
Suspended catch plates No
Weight 12 kg
Art. no. KN 1500UL


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