Matom Equalizer MTEG210

Matom Leveler MTEG210 Very solid and heavy-duty Matom Leveler for leveling beds. Width 110 to 210 cm. Very suitable for gardeners, pavers, gardeners, road builders etc. 7 year warranty! ...More information

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  • Brand:Matom
  • EAN:8718026804145
  • Article number:MTEG210

Matom Equalizer MTEG210

The Equalizer is a scraper system that can level the ground at a breakneck speed. Very suitable for gardeners, pavers, gardeners, road builders etc.

With the MTEG210 it is possible to create a flat track quickly. The Equalizer is very easy to pull and you are always in an optimal working position.

It is a very efficient device for the road worker and gardener. The Equalizer is for leveling coarser beds: for example, when laying out gardens, roadworks, beach volleyball grounds, riding bays, riding schools, verges. Moreover, the Equalizer is ergonomic because it can be operated upright. Not only in sand but also in pebbles, for example, the Egalizer is ideal for use. The large wheels hardly leave any traces on the bed. In addition to the Equalizer MTEG210 (from 110 to 210 cm) there is also a narrower version the MTEG120 (from 70 to 120 cm)

The Equalizer has ample adjustment options. The setting is stepless. Position 1 is for pre-distributing the material. Position 2 is before the finish. The delivery tray is made of stainless steel. The sharp underside of the collection blade is specially designed for the removal of compacted sand.

The width can be adjusted in many ways from 70 to 120 centimeters. You do this by loosening the screw eyes and then setting the dimensions. The wheels can be mounted on the outside of the side board. These are infinitely adjustable: from - 4 to + 20 cm. The handle is 1500 mm long and reaches a height of 1400 mm. The Equalizer is galvanized, robust and a handy tool. The wheels are solid. A 7-year warranty applies.

The weight is 33 Kg.

Weight 33 kg
Working width 110-210 cm


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