Lumag Beam and plank saw BSW66GL

The Lumag band saw BSW-66GL is powered by an 8.5 hp petrol engine. This machine is also known as a horizontal band saw, tree saw or block band saw. The machine is supplied by a Matom dealer. You can easily install the machine yourself... ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:Lumag
  • EAN:#N/B
  • Article number:BSW66GL

The Lumag band saw BSW-66GL, also known as a horizontal band saw, tree saw or block band saw, is powered by a gasoline engine.
With this band saw you can saw your tree trunks into beautiful planks and beams.
The sawing machine is easy to assemble and move.

The machine is standard equipped with an 8.5 HP petrol engine.
Partly because of this, the machine can be mounted anywhere you want to saw trees.
The base has a standard length of 5 meters but can be extended indefinitely.
Due to its construction and the smooth and smooth running of the drive wheels, the sawing machine is very suitable for sawing soft, hard and dry wood.
In the standard version, the machine can cut tree trunks up to a length of 5 meters.
Optionally, the machine can be extended indefinitely (per 1950mm).
The 10-litre tank can be filled with coolant to additionally cool the saw blade.

The machine is equipped with a Woodmaster / Lenox band saw (3660 x 34 x 1.1 mm).

Engine type Air-cooled 1-cyl. 4-stroke OHV petrol engine
Engine power 6.2 kW / 8.5 HP
max. trunk diameter 660mm
max. plank width 580mm
Saw cut thickness 1.4-2.2mm
Max. cutting height setting 500mm
min. Cutting height setting 30mm
max. cutting depth 180mm
max. cutting length unlimited
* extension saw frame 1950mm
Saw frame length* 5000mm
min. cutting length 1000mm
Sawing machine drive manual
Flywheel diameter 480mm
Flywheel width 25mm
Band saw speed 15m/sec
Cooling tank content 10 liters
Weight of additional saw frame 54kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5000/ 1810/ 1500mm
Weight net approx. 390 kg
art. no. BSW66GL
Pack sizes (L/W/H) 2200 x 640 x 800mm
Gross weight 415 kg
EAN code 4047424005507


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