Lumag shredder HC15H-NL

Lumag chopper HC15H-NL Very powerful Lumag HC15H-NL chopper equipped with a 12 hp gasoline engine and a hydraulic feed roller. The machine is supplied with an electrical start. ...More information

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  • Brand:Lumag
  • EAN:4047424007020
  • Article number:HC15H-NL

Lumag chopper HC15H-NL

The Lumag HC15H-NL is a very powerful 12 hp forage harvester that is equipped with a hydraulic feed roller. This input roller grips the wood that you are importing and pulls it in evenly. The efficiency of your shredder increases enormously. Even the most disturbed branches are easily pulled in and shredded. When importing branches with thorns or spines, the input roller is actually indispensable. The advantage of the feed roller is that the feed to the blades takes place constantly and uniformly in terms of speed. This roller is responsible for the vibrations that you normally feel when importing wood into a shredder. Leaf-rich pruning waste (such as branches with a lot of leaves on it) are simply and evenly pulled in by the roller. You can, of course, stop the roller and let it run “backwards” if necessary, for example in the event of a blockage. The feed roller brings the material to the 2 blades (and a counter blade) which reduce the material. The shredded material is then further reduced by 10 clapper blades.

The machine can easily be moved on its own terrain by the large pneumatic tires and towbar connection (only transportation on one's own terrain is permitted). You can easily remove this towbar connection. Now with 360 degree adjustable ejector shaft and hinged funnel funnel. This means that you can easily clean the machine.

You can of course work very safely with this machine due to all kinds of safety features. The powerful 12 hp, 420 cm³ engine ensures that branches up to 120 mm can be shredded. The large and extra long hopper makes filling the machine very easy. This makes the HC15H-NL a machine that shreds everything from branches to pruning waste. The machine is now equipped with an electrical start. The battery in combination with the starter motor ensure that you can easily start the machine with a key. The battery is also charged by the machine.

The wood chips are thrown high out of the machine through the drain pipe and the target plate determines the ejection position. The discharge shaft is adjustable. You can therefore determine yourself where you place the collection bag (wheelbarrow, trailer, etc.) because the shaft can be adjusted to all sides. The very robust throw-in shaft is made hingeable, so that you can easily lower the feed shaft to one side when clogging, cleaning or replacing the blades.

The machine can shred branches, shrubs, hedges, etc. perfectly. Green waste (such as pruning waste from a conifer) can also be reduced by the shredder, but the machine is not suitable for only foliage waste (such as ferns). You can of course perfectly use the shredded material as ground cover.

The motor drive allows you to use the machine everywhere and you are not dependent on a power supply point.

Engine type Air-cooled 1-cyl. 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine
Engine capacity 420 cm³
Max power 12 hp
Engine manufacturer Loncin (3 year warranty!)
Tank capacity 6.5 liters
Fuel type Euro unleaded gasoline
Starting system Pull starter and electrical starter
Max diameter entry 120 mm
Speed of blades 2000 rev. per minute
Number of blades 2 pieces on knife disc and 1 counter knife and 10 flaps for extra reduction
Input roller Speed 50-600 RPM.
Hydraulic pump 10 ml / H, 20MPa
Hydraulic oil 4 liters
Noise level LWA 114 dB (A)
Mulchen No
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 2900 x 976 x 1800 mm
Gross weight 330 kg
Weight 289 kg
Pack sizes (L / W / H) 1600 x 870 x 1230 mm
Art. no. HC15H-NL
EAN code 4047424007020


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