Spyker Spyker push spreader P20-5010 - Copy

Spyker push spreader P20-5010 99-SP-P205010 The P20-5010 Spyker spreader is suitable for private and semi-professional users. In this model, the tiller is adjustable in height. No cables, but a stainless steel rod system to open and close. The spreader is ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:Spyker
  • Article number:99-SP-SPY80-1S

Spyker HHS 100 hand spreader

The HHS Spyker spreader is a hand-held spreader. The capacity of this spreader is 2.5 kg and it can spread 2 meters wide.

Product details
Capacity 2.5kg
Working width 2 meters
Container poly
Frame poly
Drive sprocket


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