Lumag Wood splitting machine HE16N

Lumag HE16N log splitter The Lumag HE16N is a vertical 400 Volt hydraulic log splitter with a splitting force of 16 tons. ...More information

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  • Brand:Lumag
  • EAN:4047424008492
  • Article number: HE16N

Lumag wood splitting machine HE16N

The Lumag HE16N is a vertical 400 Volt hydraulic log splitter with a splitting force of 16 tons. The ideal 400 volt machine for semi-professional and professional users. The robust and heavy construction guarantees high stability.

You can easily split various lengths up to a maximum of 110 cm. The big advantage of this type of splitting machine is that the cylinder is on the outside of the machine. This allows you to split the wood to the bottom plate. Especially ideal if you want to split longer lengths. You can set the machine to 2 different splitting speeds. The Lumag HE16N log splitter is easy to load due to the low base plate. The bracket on the right can be used as a lever. With this you can put a heavy tree trunk upright.

The machine has a continuously adjustable stroke length so that you can determine how far the splitter goes back. If you want to split blocks of wood 50 cm long, you can set the splitter to stop at 60 cm, for example. This means a huge gain of time. The very powerful 4500 Watt motor ensures pleasant working conditions.

The switch / plug combination is provided with a phase switch possibility. With 400 volt machines you can run a motor left or right. This also depends on the connection of your extension cable. In the switch you can easily 'reverse' the machine with a screwdriver so that it always runs in the right direction. The machine is equipped with large transport wheels as standard.

Engine type 400 volt electric motor
Engine power 4500 watts
PTO drive No
Splitting power 16 tons
Maximum gap length 1100 mm
Max stroke length cylinder 948 mm
Gap section 300 mm
Adjustable stroke length Yes
Working speed 4.6 or 14.2 cm per second
Return speed 6.4 cm per sec.
Number of working speed settings 2 positions
Adjustable height table top No
Max hydraulic pressure 27.7 MPa
Oil tank content 18 liters
Extension cable No
Chassis No
Dimensions (basic position) L x W x H 105 x 155 x 250 cm
Pack sizes (L / W / H) 78 x 57 x 200 cm
Weight 287 kg / 299 kg
Art. no. HE16N
EAN code 4047424008492


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